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Interested in collaborating on a project for [community profile] chromatic_podfic? Connect with other participants in comments to this post! We'd love to have visual artists and other fans besides podficcers participate in this challenge.

A podfic/podbook cover is typically square and could incorporate original art, images of the characters, other stock footage, or simply the title, author and reader information. Keep in mind that even a very simple cover can dress up a podfic and act as an advertisement for the audio performance.

Some other possibilities for collaborations could be:

  • a sound artist working with the podfic reader to add music or sound effects to the recording

  • a second reader contribute singing, quotations, chapter headings, or another small piece of the text

  • an author writing a text intended specifically for being recorded (for more on this idea, check out the [community profile] pod_together challenge)

If you're starting a thread, please put the kind of work you want to do (cover graphic, podfic, etc.) in the subject line and fill out one of these forms. You might want to start more than one thread if you're interested in doing several kinds of work.

For podficcers:

For other artists:

(We would appreciate it if you could help signalboost to fanartists and other fanwork creators who might be interested in collaborations!)

This post will remain open for both podficcers and other artists to leave comments until posting period begins on March 2. If you see a comment from someone you'd like to work with, feel free to comment here or contact them by email or PM. The mods won't be matching up artists and podficcers directly, so please peruse the threads to see if anyone is offering the kind of collaboration you're looking for and be responsible in communicating with your fellow artist/podficcer if you do choose to undertake a partnership.

Sign-ups close tomorrow, January 28! (If you haven't yet decided on a fic, consider perusing the comments to the wishlist post.)


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