Jan. 10th, 2011

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As a point of clarification, a podfic only has to meet one or more of the following criteria to qualify:

  • recordings of fics for fandoms with chromatic creators

  • recordings of fics featuring chromatic characters

  • recordings of fics in English dialects associated with chromatic cultural groups (including creoles, pidgins, ethnolects, etc.)

  • recordings of fics in non-English languages associated with chromatic cultural groups

Thus, a reader can still submit podfic in a dialect or language that is not associated with chromatic cultural groups, as long as the fic itself is for a fandom by a chromatic creator or features a chromatic character (#1 or #2).

If the podfic submission only qualifies under #3 or #4, it does not matter whether the fic being read was originally written in the same language as the podfic.

Since chromatic sources and characters appear in all linguistic backgrounds, you are welcome to provide pronunciation/language beta services for any language or dialect, not just those that are specifically associated with chromatic cultural groups.

There are of course no hard and fast boundaries when it comes to the term "associated with chromatic cultural groups", and the community policy is to be as inclusive as possible as long as the podfic fits the spirit of the rule. The reason for the chromatic dialect or language option is to provide a space for PoC/non-white/non-Western/chromatic fans who speak these dialects or languages, where they can submit podfics in their own tongues without feeling any pressure to speak in a "standard" English.

To provide some concrete examples, any of the following can be posted in this community: A list of examples )

Please feel free to contact the mod with any questions!


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