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It's officially the end of posting period! However, since I gave a few people extensions, I will hold off on putting up a full masterlist until they have had the chance to post their podfics.

Thank you to all the wonderful readers who participated in this challenge and made it a success! The number of submissions far exceeded my expectations, and I am so thrilled to have so many new podfics to listen to.

The listener's feedback challenge will be going on until 18 March 2011, so if you've enjoyed listening to any of these podfics, please leave comments! The top three commenters will be able to request a podfic for a short fic (≤ 1000 words) of their choice from one of our volunteer prize readers. (If you would like to volunteer to read a prize podfic, then please leave a comment at the link!)

In the meantime, while the challenge may be over, this community will remain open to posting of any podfic that fits one of our criteria, so please do feel free to share or rec chromatic podfics here.

Finally, let me ask you all for some feedback on the challenge itself. Would you like to see this challenge happen again next year? If so, should the timing be changed to a different point in the year? Did the format of the challenge work for you or would you like it to be structured differently? Would people be interested in a chromatic podfic exchange?
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Chromatic Podfic Challenge

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