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Welcome to [community profile] chromatic_podfic! This community is a place for podfic that meets any of the following criteria:

  • recordings of fics for fandoms with chromatic creators

  • recordings of fics featuring chromatic characters

  • recordings of fics in English dialects associated with chromatic cultural groups (including creoles, pidgins, ethnolects, etc.)

  • recordings of fics in non-English languages associated with chromatic cultural groups

For the purposes of this community, "chromatic" is meant as a shorthand for people of color, non-white, non-Western, etc. Please read this post for further clarification on the linguistic criteria. If you have any questions about eligibility, please feel free to contact the mod, [personal profile] troisroyaumes, in PM or email or leave a comment to this post.

Chromatic Podfic Challenge

The community hosts an annual challenge to read podfics that fit any of the above criteria. This year, the timeline for the challenge is:

Sign-up period: 2012 January 13-28
Recording deadline: 2012 March 2
Posting period: 2012 March 2-March 16

Chromatic Podfic Challenge 2011 Masterlist

Community members are also welcome to post podfics at any time, not just for the challenge.


Pronunciation/language beta list
Authorial permission list
List of podfic tutorials
[community profile] amplificathon/[ profile] amplificathon
[ profile] podfic_tips
[community profile] podficmeta
audiofic archive


[community profile] chromaticheroes

Date: 2011-01-09 10:23 pm (UTC)
zvi: self-portrait: short, fat, black dyke in bunny slippers (Default)
From: [personal profile] zvi
If the mods would like to post something to podficmeta about the challenge, I would welcome it.

Date: 2011-01-10 06:00 pm (UTC)
sophinisba: Gwen looking sexy from Merlin season 2 promo pics (toshiko by hermitsoul)
From: [personal profile] sophinisba
I'm really excited to see this challenge! I've had my eye on a couple of stories that would fit and this will be great incentive for me to get them done, and I'm really looking forward to hearing what other people do. Thanks a lot for organizing this.

Date: 2011-01-27 03:25 pm (UTC)
sophinisba: Katie Jackson as wide-eyed hobbit girl in FotR (wee hobbit lass)
From: [personal profile] sophinisba
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this post is missing the dates for the posting period (Feb 28-March 5, right?).

Date: 2012-01-22 04:04 am (UTC)
orchidfire: White flowers with "poesía... eres tú" caption. (Default)
From: [personal profile] orchidfire
Is there a minimum length requirement for the challenge?


Chromatic Podfic Challenge

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